Lego brush stand prototype

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Re: Lego brush stand prototype

Postby brushjunkie » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:45 pm

What material is that Carlyn darlin' and how does the brush rest part work? Is it separate from the bottom material? :mrgreen:
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Re: Lego brush stand prototype

Postby Lyanna Stark » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:22 pm

Carlyn wrote:This is what I've been doing. Finally put my Alex vanity together and transferring my clean brushes into it.

Looks fantastic, Carlyn. Very neat.

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Re: Lego brush stand prototype

Postby Tara » Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:55 am

dusty wrote:Thanks everyone! Will definitely upload my progress here!

Carlyn wrote:Do you have something non-skid under the Lego stand so the whole thing doesn't shift around, or does it just stay put?

Hi Carlyn, yes there is some sort of non-skid matt come with the table. I think it definitely helps, but probably not much. When my kabuki brush is standing free in the drawer, it would be displaced or lay flat due to the movement of closing/opening. The plastic & cardboard organizers also displace about 2 ~ 3 cm on a daily basis. However the lego stand does not move. I will dig up the Ikea instruction booklet to see if there is a name for the matt.

gatos wrote:dusty, that is really cool and creative! I showed it to my BF who is a major Lego nerd and he is so impressed. Let us know how the whole setup works out! :clap: :)

gatos, I am flattered that I can impress a major Lego nerd! 8-) 8-) I am just a noobie in Lego! I had some Lego when I was a kid but nothing really happened.... Until I watched the Lego movie :angelic-innocent: :angelic-innocent:

Today I visited a Lego store and bought a jumbo cup of loose bricks! And the staff there show me a trick with hinge bricks...and now the possibility just went up exponentially! I am rebuilding the stand since I just got my Takeda foundies (they are so soft that I wanna die!!!!!) While trying out some of the irregular pieces I built this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.25.47 PM.png

This stand holds the brush nice and firm. It totally passed my drawer shaking test; in fact, the brush will not move even if I hold the green base and shake modestly. Rigorous shaking will only change the tilting direction of the brush.

The tilting posture lowered the highest point of the brush so it fits comfortably in my drawer. The posture also nicely displaces the handle of the brush. I am yet to fall in love with this brush but the kokutan handle is to die for....

The structure of this stand is pretty mature; I cannot add another piece to improve how the brush is held (with my current stash of pieces).

This stand makes a nice displace stand as well (after all the colours get coordinated of course). The clear piece in front of the yellow brick is a good place to attach a sticker/name tag!


Dusty, what can I say??? this is so creative! I didn't think lego blocks could be functional, but you have certainly proven me wrong! :D

Carlyn, thanks for sharing. That's a simple yet completely great idea as well.

I was actually thinking of using floral foam as brush holders for drawers. I also have the Alex drawers. I was thinking I would wrap the floral foam in nice colorful fabric and cut out some grooves (or maybe just slits) so I could slip in the ferrules and the handles. The grooves/slits would be snug enough so that the brushes remain steady inside the drawers, and I would fasten the foam stands with double sided tape to make sure they don't slide around. Of course, this is all in my mind at the moment (given I have not completely unpacked all my goodies!), but i will need to think about safe storage soon and was so glad to stumble upon this thread! :ty: oh, also i need to do some research on how long the foam will actually last when wrapped in fabric....replacing it every so often just won't work for me...i have enough trouble squeezing in time to unpack! :doh:

Look forward to more updates from you guys soon! I'm loving this thread!

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