Best Sonia G brushes for cream/liquid products?

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Best Sonia G brushes for cream/liquid products?

Postby Nuke » Tue May 14, 2019 12:25 pm

Hello! I have been ordering a few Sonia G brushes recently to get my collection started (I have both the Pro Eye and Pro Face set, as well as some some of the sculpt face brushes and an assortment of the standard collection eye brushes), and they are all so BEAUTIFUL. I am a bit nervous to misuse any of them, so I was wondering - which brushes can be used for cream/liquid products? If possible, I would like to use some of the eye brushes for cream eyeshadow (Tom Ford/Hourglass) and some of the face brushes for cream/liquid highlighter and blush, as well as foundation.

If it's recommended not to use any of these brushes for cream/liquid, I will stick to synthetic brushes for that purpose.

Thank you in advance!

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