Shopping in Japan

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Re: Shopping in Japan

Postby Kumamon » Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:06 am

Hi everyone,

As you know I currently live in Japan so I'd like to give my two cents. I only skimmed the rest of this thread, so pardon me if I reiterate something that was already said.

I think it's rather easy to get around Japan in cities. A lot of signs are in English. But getting around more rural areas is harder. I think the majority of Japanese people don't really speak much English, to be honest. I think I was perhaps spoiled by the English ability of Koreans when I lived there. Haha. I mean, it happens. You can totally run into someone who speaks English, especially in a big city, but I feel like it happens less frequently than in Korea. I've been fine because I speak Japanese but I'm sure it can get difficult if you speak none. Japanese people are really polite though so they do their best. Gestures and one or two words can mean a lot! Also, despite not really speaking English, I think a lot of Japanese people can understand it to an extent so that's something.

I'll start with where I live. I live in a city called Nishinomiya, which is between Kobe and Osaka, but I'm slightly closer to Osaka. I do most of my makeup shopping in Osaka. It gets hotter here in summer than Tokyo. I feel that the Kansai area has a bit more of a casual feel than Tokyo so the sandal thing doesn't hold true here. I see people wearing sandals all the time. The Crocs thing is true though, especially at the school where I work. Many teachers wear Crocs as their indoor shoes.

The low cut tops and baring your chest thing is also true. That holds pretty much for all of Japan (and Korea too, if you plan on going there). They'll wear shorts so short that I am not sure if they're shorts or underwear, but showing your shoulders or boobs is a huge taboo. Tops I would have no problem wearing in the US I feel a bit conscious about here so I didn't bring them or don't wear them to work. If women wear sleeveless dresses or tops, they often wear cardigans over them to cover shoulders.

My experiences shopping in Japan have been pretty amazing. The sales associates (from here on to be addressed as SAs) are always so courteous and polite. The quality of Japanese customer service is the best! Even if you don't speak Japanese, they do the best they can to help you. I love going to counters to get makeovers. This is such a big deal for me because where I live in the US is pretty rural and there are no nice stores or counters by me so I always did my shopping online. I feel so pampered when I shop here!

As I mentioned before, I do most of my shopping in Osaka. My favorite stores are Hankyu Umeda (I buy my THREE, Addiction, and sometimes Suqqu here) and Daimaru Shinsaibashi (Most of my Suqqu is bought here as my favorite SA works there). Since I'm a sort of "regular" at the Daimaru Shinsaibashi Suqqu counter, they're always super good to me and load me up on samples. They always want to give me makeovers. I once wanted to buy a palette they didn't have in stock, so my favorite SA sold me the one someone else ordered and said "Shhhh, it's a secret. I'll order another." Hahaha. She's awesome.

I don't shop there often, but the Takashimaya in Namba has a Hakuhodo counter. I've bought a brush or two there before and again everyone was very nice and courteous. The only thing is that that particular counter is very small and they only carry the more popular brushes. Some brushes I've been wanting I can't buy there as they aren't available. I'll have to order online.

Kyoto is close enough to me for a good day trip, but it's too far for me to visit frequently. I have been to Rokkakukan Sakurado's shop twice. They sell pretty much everything on their Rakuten website and a few others maybe not listed, like the Fushikaden and Kyo Sanjou sets and the Chikuhodo MK-2. Though, I'm unsure they have anymore MK-2's in stock as the SA sold me the one on display. They don't sell the Chikuhodo Z series, but they still have all the Artist series there.

I have visited Hiroshima, but just the city, not Kumano-cho. In the department store right near the station, there is a Kumano Select Shop. That store is also very small and they don't sell everything on their website either, but there was a decent selection. There was Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Takeda, Kumano Select, and maybe a few others. That's where I purchased my Nakamura Seisakusho brush.

Hmm, can't really think of anything else to add at this point but if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to try and help.
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Re: Shopping in Japan

Postby laura » Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:35 pm

Hiroshima is love! There isn't so much of people compared to Tokyo and the prices are pretty good. Also, if you love Korean things there's also nice Korean restaurants, green tea cafes, and of course - brushes. Brushes are like souvenir from Hiroshima, they sell them on the airport, hotels and train stations as well (of course, not a big amount but still). Very commonly you'll see a key chain that's a mini mini mini size pink fude.

Including the Kumanofude shop, I liked the Kumanofude center, which is is a very traditional looking shop and not very often mention. They have their own line, which has same looking cute pink handles as Koyudo, and they sell a ton of calligraphy brushes and make up brushes from Chikuhodo etc. Even if you didn't buy anything but felt like browsing an old school shop, it's my osusume! (recommendation) It's on one of the big shopping streets.

my sneak peak photo this spring.

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Re: Shopping in Japan

Postby Lyanna Stark » Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:02 pm

Holy shiz! So far I have been able to resist the G series, or at least put off my coveting for some future date.

But dang, if I saw them hanging out in the wild like that, I'd have to snatch some up, super quick and in a mad hurry.

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Re: Shopping in Japan

Postby Melissa » Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:16 pm

TAX FREE shopping in Japan has changed! As of Oct 2014 tax free shopping also applies on COSMETICS :dance: :dance:
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Re: Shopping in Japan

Postby brushjunkie » Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:41 pm

Melissa wrote:TAX FREE shopping in Japan has changed! As of Oct 2014 tax free shopping also applies on COSMETICS :dance: :dance:

Music to our SMUTtie ears!!! Thanks for the great news my lovely queen enabler! :lol: :mrgreen:
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Re: Shopping in Japan

Postby Devin » Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:07 am

Okay, so for the tax free shopping for cosmetics (or anything) do we do that at the department store or do we bring our things to the stores with the signs like the pamphlet says?

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