Blemishes treatment

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Blemishes treatment

Postby SoniaG_Admin » Fri Sep 26, 2014 7:17 pm

Hi girls!!! :)

I wanted to ask you if you knew of some treatment for blemishes... I never had to deal with that so I can't really help :(
This is to help a shy friend to find a little help, she gave me some pics that I could post here, she lives in Bangladesh (not easy to find products...) she is 20 years old, super oily acne prone skin, she has suffered from acne but recently she is getting rashes.

By any chance do you know of any soothing cream or treatment that she could easily try ?

thank you so so much sweeties :romance-grouphug:
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Re: Blemishes treatment

Postby arch » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:23 am

@Sonia_Admin: If I'm allowed to ask: is your friend is seeing a dermatologist? If so, are there treatments she is currently using that we should know about, so that we aren't offering OTC suggestions that might interfere with her medications or that she might already have tried? Also: what specific brands does she have access to and what price range is she interested in?

Although I don't know the answers to those questions (or the specific type of acne your friend is suffering from), at least from the photos/description alone, I think I've a similar skin profile. My own skincare includes prescription medications (tretinoin and azelaic acid) and occasional (TCA and BHA) peels, but they are used in conjunction with OTC treatments that are essential for me in managing my acne; they might also help your friend.

• BHA/salicylic acid exfoliant: You mentioned a "soothing cream," but emollient bases might not be the best option. I've extremely oily skin so alcohol-free liquid BHAs like those from PC or Clinique can help reduce inflammation significantly and soothe her skin without being in a base that might contribute to her existing acne. If your friend prefers slightly more moisturizing options, I've also used a BHA gel from Neutrogena and lotion from Jan Marini. All these BHA products also have the added benefit of reducing my blackheads in addition to unclogging pores.

• Benzoyl peroxide disinfectant: A 2.5% concentration found in products from and PC are two BP treatments that I've used and found very effective against bacteria but come in a gel/lotion base that don't exacerbate my acne. My skin is already used to BP, but anyone starting out should apply it very thinly and only every other day since it can be very drying and uncomfortable until your skin adjusts.

Those two acne treatments are the basis of my own current OTC skincare regimen and what I would recommend (with the added caveats that I am obviously not a dermatologist and that acne is a very individual skin condition). Also, I apologize preemptively if these suggestions aren't helpful because the products I mentioned might not be available to her or are options that she has already tried.

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Re: Blemishes treatment

Postby Jeanette » Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:26 pm

Take a look here:

Product recommendations in under the video.

Also many people recommend the Biologique Recherche range with cleanser Lait U, acid toner P50 (the most important product), Day cream Dermopurifiante and for night creme verte espoir. ... _34_48.pdf

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