What's your favorite skin care line?

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roman holiday
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What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby roman holiday » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:30 pm

Mine is History of Whoo. A line that comes from South Korea. High performing &
beautiful quality of products & most important, does what it says

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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby Cannes » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:05 pm

Currently, my favorite skin care I use is by Sunday Riley and Korres. Both have not caused any issues with my skin and have actually improved it. :D
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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby SoniaG_Admin » Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:18 am

I love Cle de Peau (la creme) I believe but it's too expensive, so I have to stick to the only one that works for me : Laura Mercier Repair.
I wanted to try a lot of skincare in Japan but when I was at the counters they spoke no english and I could not find the brands :( sad
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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby Michelle » Thu Aug 15, 2013 7:50 pm

i am really liking the NARS line and in day i use a cream by AVENE

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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby Elena » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:33 am

I have several favourites in different categories. For more "natural" skincare I like Origins and Caudalie Vinexpert, I used those during my pregnancy and had really good results. I always use a vitamin C serum and the best for me is from Jan Marini, I also tried other products from this line and everything seems to agree very well with my skin. Another excellent vitam C product is the C-E ferulic from Skinceuticals and I also love their anti aging products.
Other brands that I like are Obagi, Exuviance and SkinMedica but I only tried a few products from those and I cannot really say if the entire line work for me.

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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby Jeanette » Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:42 pm

I have very dry skin, so I have used a daily moisturizer since I was 15 years old.
At 22 I learned the difference between moisturizing the surface of the skin and moisturizing deeper. I had an experience with a brand that was taken off the market after having caused half of the country to have allergic reactions (I never had any allergies neither before nor after). My face was covered with a thick, hard and sore red shell, and none of my usual highend moisturizers could give me relief through the redness. They just made the surface of the skin feel moist, but they didn't penetrate deeply enough to relieve the dryness, tightness, and soreness. Then I tried the richest cream in the Biotherm line - and it gave me instant relief. I haven't looked back.

Biotherm exchanged the original cream with the one I use now, which is Biotherm Aquasorce Biosensitive Rich. It also comes in a non-rich formula, which I sometimes use in the summer time.

Now the Rich version will no longer be sold in Denmark. I was told it was discontinued (it isn't it is still sold abroad), so I tried a lot of other brands that are said to be rich or for very dry skin. None of them work: Three different ones from Biotherm, Sisley Confort Extreme, Clarins HydraQuench Rich Cream, Institut Esthederm's Intensif Haluronic, Creme de la Mer's The moisturizing soft cream. (This has been so raved about, but a lot of people seem to be disappointed in it).

It is a very expensive area to investigate, as I cannot use the creams, if they are not right for me. And I think people need to have dry skin themselves to really tell if the creams work, so I cannot really rely on sales assistants. My quest for rich moisturizers continue, but I think I will buy my usual moisturizer online for now, as it turns out to still be available.

Otherwise I have seen great reviews of a salvia called Selexir (Swiss brand) that relieves also very damaged skin from excema and repairs skin if you have had a cold and the skin around your nose has come off. It is very expensive though.

At night I use Beauté Pacifique Super 3 Booster Vitamin A antiwrinkle cream. This has made a visible difference on my skin. My mother in law saw me for the first time after I had used this for a couple of months, and asked what I had done to my face to look so much younger. So huge recommendation :P

I look forward to hearing your recommendations and experiences in here!

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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby kimitrulla » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:15 pm

Hello Jeanette,

I sympathize with you. My search takes so long and I could write sooo much.
I have slightly dry skin, but unfortunately very sensitive. My skin does not tolerate a lot of ingredients, such as vitamin C, retinol, niacin, essential oils, citric acid, AHA, BHA, fragrance, etc.
And since I'm getting older, I would also do something against my (little) wrinkles. Nothing works.
At the moment I use in the evening the Age Intervention Peptide Extreme Serum by Jan Marini or Astalift and as a moisturizer Neova Night Therapy mixed with pure argan oil. Otherwise it is not rich enough. During the day I use Tatcha, the Ageless enriching renewal cream. I also have the selexir, but only use it sometimes at night when my skin is especially dry and it is my rescue when my skin is burning again. It is very rich but well tolerated. During the day I would not use it because my skin shines so strongly.

But my search continues. I'm always thankful for any advice.

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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby Melissa » Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:02 pm

I've been on the Paula's Choice kick lately. My issue was mainly break outs, dry patchy skin and some oiliness on my T zone. So obviously my skin has become a combination skin whereas its been dry only in the past!

I ordered some sample first and I loved it! Currently using the BHA creme, Resist serum and the Hydralight and Resist moisturizer with SPF25. Will try the Retinol after my vaca since Retinol tends to dry out/peel the skin. So I think its better to use it after sun bathing during my vaca in order to repair the sun damage.

As for cleaning my face I've been using Sensai/Kanebo Step 1 cleansing balm (they used to call it cleansing gel) and Step 2 the Creamy Soap. The soap lasts for almost 8 months!! Using it daily twice! So 1 tube goes a looooong way! And sometimes I use the Bioderma Sensibio on top of it if I feel my skin is not clean enough.

This routine has improved my skin A LOT!! No more dry patches or redness anymore and certainly reduced my break outs! Even around 'that time of the month'. It just cleared out my skin in so many ways. Sometime I feel I dont need to apply foundation at all! But I just feel 'naked' without it so I just apply it lightly!
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Gladys L.
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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby Gladys L. » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:23 pm

I am a beginner to be serious about skin care products, I started exploring non-counter brands which are less chemical based.

Just a quick list brands before further elaboration (trying/ interested):

moisturizing: Tinderbox, Maienfelser, ISUN, Meadowfarm Lake, Earthbound
toner (hydrolats): Florihana
EO/ vegetable oil: Florihana
eye care: Earthbound
anti-itchiness: Sea Flora

I start to go for these so-called natural brands after MAC Wipes give my face stinging feel in winter think:

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Re: What's your favorite skin care line?

Postby midnitedesire » Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:49 pm

Great question:) I use products from different lines, my favorite now are ...
sunscreen : Kohl's
toner/lotion : Kanebo
serums, lotions ,cream : Lancome , Embryolisse
eye cream : Laura mercier ,Dermalogica
cleanser , exfoliator : Lancome , Dermalogica / eye makeup remover : Chanel
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