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Re: Dry Oils

Postby dusty » Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:58 am

Lyanna Stark wrote:
Jeanette wrote:Regarding the Sisley Black Precious, .... I think it makes the skin *look* really nice in a cosmetic kind of way- meaning I can't say it's actually been improving my skin (any more than a light moisturizer would), but it sure does make the skin look good. Velvety but glowy and more even.

I know what you mean! Once my sister caught me walking towards the bathroom after I wiped off excess with a tissue after massaging with walnut oil, she commented that my skin looks so good as if I have dewy foundation on. She had never took my hype with walnut oil seriously until that moment.

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Re: Dry Oils

Postby decibelle » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:44 am

Great thread! :)

My skincare has been more difficult since my illness began, I'm unable to stand at the sink long enough to wash my face anymore, let alone to do any additional skincare. But my ageing skin is too dry for me to leave just to itself, so I need to treat it with at least some minimal something or other, y'know?

So I've worked out this routine, I cleanse my face as best I can with Huggies Pure fragrance-free wipes, then I use a drippy bottle to deposit drops of plain argan oil on my face, and massage it with clean fingers into my lips, forehead, nose, mouth and cheeks. Then I do the oil process again with plain jojoba oil.

I leave it all to sit on my face and it all eventually absorbs into my skin.

I should really do it more often than once every few days, but I just don't have the energy unfortunately.

I found an Amazon Marketplace seller who sells these plain oils at very affordable prices, even for the organic versions. My plain argan oil cost £25/€35/$38 (currency conversions very rough guesses) for 500ml! The jojoba oil cost even less, of course. I sourced some handy squeezy plastic 30ml size drippy bottles from a local online retailer and dispense my oils into those. I refill them every month or so.

(TIP: Cold oil is a pain-inna-noggin to dispense, warm oil dispenses millions easier!)

This is where I got my argan & jojoba oils:


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