Brush suggestions for over Korean skin care layers?

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Brush suggestions for over Korean skin care layers?

Postby LauraB » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:42 am

Hi Everyone,

I have started doing the Korean method of layering many light products during the dryer months. Before I get my foundation on, my skin is very plump and tacky. I often put a light layer of oil on my upper cheeks and under my eyes too. I am looking for the best brush to give me an airbrushed look with liquid foundation. I have some discoloration and older pores :roll: so there is only so much I can do when it comes to "airbrush" but I try. Less is more for sure unless I am going to be in forgiving candlelight. I have an Artis 7 brush and some Taklon and Real Techniques but I might be able to do better. I was considering a natural hair foundation brush but do you think in my case that would not be the best? I think I read oils and hydrating gels are not great for the natural hairs. What about the Marc Jacobs Face II brush or the Tarte Airbuki? Anyone have experience with either of those or have a suggestion for me? Oh also my skin can get irritated because I can sometimes overdue my at home routines so I need soft too!

My other question is about dry mineral powders. In the summer I am oilier and cut back on my hydrating products substantially. Sometimes even sunscreen feels too much. I really need help with a brush that can do the same with the mineral powders - buff in for an even light airbrushed look. Do you think I would use the same brush or a different one?

Finally, I am looking for the perfect powder brush for all over VERY light weight bronze look that would be over my mineral powders. If is too dark then it oxidizes on my skin and looks muddy so we are talking very light. I was kind of hoping I could find a luxurious Japanese brush for this. I also sometimes like to do an all over light dusting of blush to add some color to my face for a very clean simple natural make up look. I know it can often boil down to personal preference when it comes to shape. I thought maybe Sonia's large or even even small fan could work. But not sure if a more egg shape would be better for my purposes. Is dense or airy brush better?


Thanks. Laura

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