Hello from the Big Apple

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Hello from the Big Apple

Postby LauraB » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:51 am

Hi Everyone,

I am a new member from NYC. I am very happy to have found this forum. Sonia, I am an avid researcher and very obsessive about finding just the right right things for my needs. I have been taking notes from your blogs for years!!! I have also been researching your Sonia G brushes and have some in my Beautylish cart.

I am just starting to get back into purchasing high quality brushes but I have to be selective because I am not currently working. I was a professional actress and commercial print model for many years and I had quite a selection of natural hair brushes. Then I kind of retired while I raised our son. During my MOM years I did NOT wear much make up at all and I am now getting interested again and pulled out my old stash. I have some Kolinsky's and squirrels that I know did not cost as much as they do now! Some are usable but many got too dried out. I stocked up on lots of synthetic brushes because they were more affordable but in the back of my mind I knew I wanted more naturals. I recently purchased a few natural hair eye brushes - MACS and Hakuhodo. I have a Wayne Goss Air Brush and a little Chikuhodo contour brush for the face.

There are many challenges and changes now that my skin and face is older. Texture is different, coloring different. Also my eyes are smaller and lids oilier for some odd reason and I need a softer look. Of course I have had to change my skin care and make up products too. I will definitely be posting my questions on the forum. I will look through the threads that are there but I was wondering if I should put my questions all together in one post or do separate for each issue?

I am looking forward to exploring the forum and learning from all of you.


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Re: Hello from the Big Apple

Postby SoniaG_Admin » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:03 pm

Hi Laura,

Please feel free to ask any question, we are all in a similar situation, facing changes and adapting... it's interesting to share with like-minded people!
Thanks for joining the forum!! :dance:
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