How to order Japanese items when no international shipping

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How to order Japanese items when no international shipping

Postby SoniaG_Admin » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:49 pm

There are a few possibilities when you really *really* want to get items that are not easily available internationally.
Here are a few examples when international delivery is not possible :
- Buy from Rakuten website (except for some products, most of them are available for export)
I have tried it, it was fast and efficient.
- Buy from a Japanese website :
1) if you install google chrome as a browser, it will help with the understanding of the pages since you can translate “as you browse” (not all text is translated, text embedded in images is not translated) but you will be able to look for info and most of the time successfully place orders :)
2) create an account with Tenso (for example), and have the goods delivered to your japanese address. Then, have Tenso deliver the parcel to your home.
Here are the Tenso instructions
It works very well, the prices are reasonable and the shipping is very fast.
I have tried Tenso when I ordered from Hakuhodo Japan or from Tanseido, it was fast and efficient, at first it was a bit difficult but after a few times it gets incredibly and dangerously easy :P

3) if this doesn’t help or if you prefer to order with somebody directly, you can contact Tommy : ... ss-to.html
I am trying that at the moment so I will keep you updated here. Friends have tried her services and it worked perfectly.
Tips and tricks

Sometimes typing the code of the japanese address will automatically and partially fill the address, it can be really helpful.
When you are required to translate your name into Japanese Katana, use this link :
If you want to order from any other website that doesn’t offer international delivery, you can look for forwarding services.
I can recommend this one for purchases made in the UK and forwarded to any other country (tried successfully by Buggsiebee), they offer also consolidation of your parcels.

If you have any tips and advice please share with us :)
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Re: How to order Japanese items when international delivery

Postby happyberry » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:26 pm

To the many of you who want to purchase brushes from Japanese websites, I would recommend this personal shopper in Japan.
Here is the website:
I have ordered items from Japanese websites with this personal shopper twice and my experience has been great.
Correspondence in English hasn't been a problem and communication has always been very clear.
They give you estimates for the items you want to order.
This is the link for the free estimates order form:
Payment is through Paypal and after they receive the items, they give you options for shipping, which you then pay again through Paypal.
My experiences has always been very smooth and stress-free (apart from sorting out my big shopping list) and I never had to pay for customs/duties because they marked the items as a gift.
I hope this helps.

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